Q. When do I need to complete a Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report?

A. You should file a report if you're the operator of a vehicle involved in a crash where the damage to any one vehicle or property is over $1,000, or if there is an injury to any person, even if a police officer was on the scene. You need to file the report within 5 days of the date of the crash. You are NOT required to file an operator's crash report if the crash occurred on a private road, driveway, private parking lot or other private way. You need to send (1) copy of this report to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, (1) to local Police where accident occurred and (1) to your insurance company, note that copy can be sent through us.

Q. What do I do if I have a broken window in my vehicle?

A. If you carry Comprehensive coverage, you should call us to determine how your insurance company handles glass losses. It can be as simple as calling a glass company to make an appointment they will repair or replace the broken window and bill the insurance company directly.

Q. I am not at fault in my accident do I have to pay my deductible?

A. If you carry full collision with a waiver of deductible and you are found by the insurance company to be less then 50% at fault in your accident, and you can identify the responsible party, then the company will waive your deductible and pay you from dollar one.

Q. What is Comprehensive coverage?

A. Comprehensive coverage pays for physical damage to or loss of your vehicle, less any applicable deductible, resulting from damage such as fire, theft, vandalism, and striking an animal, but not collision.

Q. If I lock my keys in my vehicle can I get reimbursed under my towing coverage?

A. Yes, this would be covered under labor cost as would the repair of a flat tire or any other labor done at the scene to get your vehicle running. You submit the bill for reimbursement up to the limit on your towing coverage ($50 or $100).

Q. My basement is flooded does my homeowners cover me?

A. This all depends on how the water comes into your basement. If it is ground water that seeps or leaks into the basement through the foundation there is no coverage under your homeowners insurance. However, if you have a sump pump that failed, you may have coverage if you carry the "water backup endorsement". Contact your Customer Service Representative for more information.

Q. I lost a stone out of my ring do I have coverage to replace it?

A. If you have specifically scheduled the ring on your Homeowners Insurance policy for a stated amount, you would have coverage for the replacement of the stone.

Q. Would I have any coverage if someone visiting my home was injured on my property?

A. Your homeowners' insurance policy has Medical Payments which would cover any medical expenses incurred by the injured party up to the limit on your policy. Your policy also has Personal Liability that would cover for any Bodily Injury claim brought against you up to the limit on your policy. Also Personal Umbrella Liability policies are available which would provide coverage over and above your Homeowners Liability. Contact your Customer Service Representative for more information.

Q. My employee fell off a ladder injuring his back on the job site. Do I need to file a claim and if so how do I go about it?

A.Yes, you should report the injury. If it is a medical only claim you will need to complete the Employer's Notification of Insurers of Medical Only Injuries Form 110. Please complete and send this form to us and we will forward it to your insurance carrier.
If the injury has resulted in 5 or more lost work days, you would need to file Employer's First Report of Injury, Form 101. This form needs to be completed and sent to The Department of Industrial Accidents - Department 101, 600 Washington Street, 7th floor, Boston, MA 02111. An additional copy needs to be sent to us, so that we can file the report with your insurance carrier. Contact your Customer Service Representative for more information.

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